Rhodes Rentals

Rhodes Rentals

There are actually plenty of rentals available in Rhodes. To make it easier for you, we highlighted some of the rentals in the island's key locations, the first being in Faliraki. Faliraki is known as the “action resort” of Rhodes. Since it is considered as the leading seaside resort village in the island, it is no wonder many people know it by that name. The Faliraki beach is more than enough to attract tourists with its golden sands and great beach facilities like sun beds, umbrellas, and nearby food connoisseurs. Then there is also the fact that the waves in Faliraki beach can accommodate a number of water sports. On top of these, there are the bars and nightclubs that are quite famous, especially to British tourists. If you are the type to party, then rentals in Faliraki is the place for you. Rentals in this side of the island cost about £228 to £290.

If you like your peace, a place in Pefkos will suit you just fine. It is actually a small town but it is also near some of the beaches in Lindos. It is far from the city's buzz but it is not totally remote. In fact, the place is being developed into a tourist spot and has plenty of restaurants and cafes around. The rentals around this area start at £250. Now, if you prefer something closer to the city but still quiet and relaxed, there are properties in Ixia Bay which cost around £267.

Aside from these settlements, you can also find some great Rhodes rentals in Afantou, Archangelos, Haraki, Kremasti, Lindos, and of course, the island's capital, Rhodes City. Each has their own appeal and each is popular for something.

For instance, Afantou is famous for its golf course. Archangelos has great tourist attractions like the church of the Saint Michael Archangel, where its name was derived, the castle of Saint John ruins, and the cave of Koumellos. Haraki is known for restaurants serving sea food. Kremasti is home to Petaloudes, widely known as the Butterfly Valley, one of Rhodes' famous attractions, particularly during summer. Lindos is one of the most recognized holiday destinations in Rhodes. It has beautiful, at the same time meaningful, landmarks; the most famous being Acropolis—a splendidly restores stoa overlooking nearby coastlines.

By putting these little details into mind when searching for rentals, you will be able to land a rental that perfectly suits the Rhodes holiday you imagine yourself having.