Rhodes Hotels

Rhodes Hotels

When it comes to accommodations, the easiest thing to do is book a suite in a hotel. Every tourist destination in the world has more than its share of hotels and Rhodes is not an exception. Some of the places in Rhodes that have more than a couple of hotels are Rhodes City, Ialyssos, Ixia, Faliraki, Lindos, Kiotari, Theologos, Kremasti, Afandou, Lardos, and Kallithea.

If we are going to talk about great locations, Ialyssos certainly is in a good spot. It is situated ideally near the capital, the airport, the beach, and the foot of Filerimos Hill. When you happen to be in Rhodes with your friends and they all have different preferences, staying at Ialyssos is the perfect compromise. Some of the hotels in Ialyssos are the Blue Horizon Hotel, Miramare Wonderland, and Pylea Beach Hotel.

Theologos can also be a great place to stay at when you are in Rhodes. It has two notable hotels—Euroxenia Nirvana Beach Hotel and Doreta Beach Resort. Both hotels can be found near the beach, creating a breathtaking view of sunset in the Turkish coastline.

As expected, hotels in Rhodes City are not to be outdone. If you are looking forward to staying in the Old Town, you may want to check out Hotel S Nikolis. True to its location, Hotel S Nikolis is not like any other hotel in the island. It was designed to fit the medieval architecture of the Palace of Knights. Unique certainly comes to mind when describing Hotel S Nikolis. The overall look of the hotel, both exterior and interior may be reminiscent of the old times but the facilities are very modern—Jacuzzis, Internet access, air conditioning, color TV, and more.

If you are in New Town, the best option will be Hotel Mediterranean situated right at the most famous beach in Rhodes, the Aquarium. Having the best view of Aquarium Beach is good enough but the location of Hotel Mediterranean has more perks than this. The city proper is only minutes away, which means it also takes a short walk to enjoy entertainment centers and other similar establishments made especially with tourists in mind. It is also a short distance to Old Town's Palace of the Grand Master and Street of Knights. Combined with excellent dining options in the hotel's exclusive restaurant—Thalasa, top-notch facilities, and efficient hotel service, Hotel Mediterranean sure is a winner.