Rhodes Holiday

Rhodes Holiday

People look forward to holidays for plenty of reasons. Holidays, to some, mean the time of the year when they do not have to think of projects, presentations, and deadlines. Instead of being bound to a cubicle surrounded by folders, memos, and coffee, they get to relax and take pleasure in the simplest things. Holidays, to others, are best spent in exotic places—destinations which give the impression that they are there solely to be one's haven.

Speaking of exotic places, a number of people consider spending holidays at Rhodes. Seeing that the island is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes, it cannot be argued that Rhodes is a famous tourist destination. In fact, among all the islands in Dodecanese prefecture, Rhodes is clearly the most visited one. Yes, it is the largest among the twelve major islands but size is not all it has to offer.

Besides the Colossus of Rhodes, there is the Old Town of Rhodes City, a World Heritage Site, where the Palace of the Grand Master and Street of Knights can be located.

The Palace of the Grandmaster is, to say the least, the very thing Rhodes takes pride in when it comes to architecture, interior design, and historical value. A walk through the castle may take about an hour but with the relics, sculptures, and mosaics displayed within the walls of the Palace, it will seem like you have traveled through time.

The Street of Knights is another part of Old Town that is truly impressive. Besides being surrounded with equally impressive landmarks such as the Grandmaster's Palace, the Street of Knights is, from beginning to end, restored beautifully. You can almost expect to see holy warriors from the ancient times walking down the street towards the church of Agios Dimitrios to pray or to report for military practice at the Lodge of the Battalion of France.

A place like Old Town is made even more pronounced by its fortification. It is separated from the rest of Rhodes by great medieval walls. In order to enter, there are seven gates to choose from—Gate of Agios Ioanis, Gate of Agia Ekaterini, Gate of the Apostle Paul, Gate of Amboise, Gate of Agios Athanassios, Gate of the Naval Station, and Gate of the Port. Once you enter any of these gates, be prepared for a world unlike any other. With the way Old Town is preserved, it takes little to imagine what transpired several centuries before.

If you are ready to leave the medieval period, take a step out of Old Town and enjoy the rest of Rhodes. Being an island, Rhodes has enough beaches to satisfy anybody. Whatever it is you have in mind, be it white sand or golden sand, palm trees or pine trees, crystal blue or emerald waters, crowded or quiet, Rhodes has a beach waiting for you. From north to south, it has some of the best beaches in Greece.

If you are looking to spend your holiday learning about culture, visiting historical sites, sunbathing in beaches, feasting on local dishes, and buying souvenirs, then have yourself a Rhodes holiday. Surely, you will not regret a single day in this island!

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